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Coming in April 2015

A Pledge of Better Times by Margaret Porter


     Thank you for visiting my author website. Here you will find information about the novels I write, the real people and places that inspire my storytelling, and a blog.

     My next novel, A Pledge of Better Times, will be released in April 2015. Much more information to come!

     I'm a lifelong reader of historical fiction, and thus far all my published novels have been set in the past. As historian, I enjoy discovering ways in which our forbears and their culture seem similar--and yet so different--to those of us privileged to live in modern times. I regard fiction set in the past as entertainment, while being very much aware that it can simultaneously inform and enlighten.

     I often have a close personal connection to the people whose stories I tell. In some cases there's a genealogical tie. Or we might share a profession (theatre, writing)or a favorite pastime (gardening, music). Unlike my royal characters, I've not ruled a country--and I don't want to, either! But I've had experience in governing and public service.

     Because I truly enjoy researching my novels, I go to great lengths--and distances--to bring my subjects and their world to life. This website is a place to share some of what I learn in the process.

Enjoy your stay!

Margaret Porter


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